Gamers are waiting in anxious breathe for the release of the new Fortnite Season 8. Well, the good news is that the wait will get over soon. The earlier season was quite a sensation and gamers were hooked on it.

In the new season, you can by chance see something looking like a person having a skull on the right side and a serpent on the left side. The gaming company plans to leave no stone unturned and though the leak proved to be wrong according to them, gamers are having a hard time controlling their emotions and feelings wanting to lay their hands on the new season as quickly as possible.

The images leaked offer few clues like for example, some of the volcanic activities look frequent and are better graphic this time around. They have planned the launch well enough to leave gamers on tenterhooks.

The players can also expect some kind of live event taking them on a dream journey. Few gamers might wonder whether it is taking down servers that come with several billion HP your guess is as good as anybody.

In some cases, beasts of mythical kinds can be roaming around in the area along with serpents who have wings and the volcanoes ready to spruce out. As it is, gamers are already puzzled on the serpent that has wings that is made of ice.

As of now, there is nothing really to convince gamers about what to expect and what not to. Some of the things include serpents with wings, privateers, marine stuff, and volcanoes. Hence, we would suggest that you decide to peak in one of the most exciting launches of the year.

Planes are going to be vaulted and you may get to fly those winged serpents after all. You can do whatever you want to and fly in your banana suit, but make sure that the clamor of the plane is locked in the vault for good.