Facebook has started asking users to disclose their passwords to their email accounts in order to access their account on the social networking platform- the media reported.

So many users have come across a flash message on the Facebook user’s log-in screen. Facebook is demanding the users to enter the password of the email from which they have created the account- Daily Beast reported on Tuesday.

The message demands users to continue using Facebook; you have to confirm email. This followed with a form asking for the user’s email password. According to the media reports, signing up for an account using this method will import the contacts that are linked to the email without asking for permission.

It is still uncertain whether the tool imports the contacts or not. However, the social networking site has denied these claims of storing the passwords and mentioned the intentions of soon putting an end to the controversial requirement.

A spokesperson from Facebook has mentioned to Gizmodo that Facebook won’t store these passwords. The users have other options to confirm their identity. They can choose to verify their account with a code, or an OTP sent to their phone or can get the link to be sent to their email- the spokesperson added.

He also said that this password verification option isn’t the best way to ask users to confirm their account. They will change the account confirmation procedure.

It is still unclear how widely this new measure will be deployed. This requirement from Facebook has started making the rounds after it admitted about storing 200-600 million user passwords in the plain text format. Nearly 20,000 Facebook employees have access to these plain text passwords.