Google Chief emoji director Jennifer Daniel announced on 7th May that they would be introducing 53 more genders ambiguous emojis. They will add these emoji to Android in the coming week. The new icons will be launched on Pixel phones for now as a beta test and will subsequently roll out on other Android Q users later this year.

Google announced this news and later posted all the 53 emoji on social media for everyone to see.

These emojis are non-gender specific and are difficult to explain as Daniel stated, “We are not calling this emoji as a non-binary character, the third gender, or even an asexual emoji. These are non-gender oriented emoji. We are calling them Gender neutral.”

This will give people a lot more options to express their human faces, and all the humanoid icons like weightlifters and Zombies are gender-ambiguous option and are more inclusive.

This can be a minor change, but it will open flood gates to a whole lot of emoji options. Daniel is a member of the organization that is tasked with setting core emoji standards Unicode consortium. He says that 64 emojis in the library are designed to be gender ambiguous. While big tech companies like Apple, Google, and Samsung willingly design their own iterations in emoji to signify genders in them.

Now that we know that tech companies design their own emoji based on Unicode consortium’s collection, you can expect to see Samsung, Apple, and Facebook following Google’s footstep and launch their own set of gender-neutral emojis. This signifies an important thing that Google wants to improve the overall experience of users.