Google has introduced a new Google’s Files App that can clean the unnecessary thrash and files that takes the space of the mobile phone. However, Google claims that the app is a step ahead of other software as it can clean the surface of the phone. The question is how it is possible? Google answered that it is using “geometric dirt model”  and “haptic micro movement generator” that will clean up the dust from the screen. After the whole cleaning process is done, Google again uses the “haptic technology” to form a lasting shield around the phone.

The brand was also introduced officially in YouTube channel with trailers of the Files app by Google.  Google tagged it by saying it will keep the phone clean and organized. They also claimed that the inside is always clean whereas the outside is still dirty, but no more of it going to happen. It sounded funny when it gave the example of Superman who burrowed through matter without a slight touch of it when he moved at superfast speed? It said it is similar to that. And once the whole screen is cleaned, the Files App will give it a soothing pineapple scent smell, that an individual will remember even when sleeping.

Google too found a “curry problem” where the user can activate it to clear their screen off any stains by just a single tap. It also explained that the days are gone when expensive screen guards were applied, but the new cleaner uses a “haptic movement generator.” It will clear the phone for all stains, dust, and dirt. And to remind the readers and all the viewers who are reading this article as to what date is today?