Google Maps

The iconic game ‘snake,’ that was first introduced on Nokia 6110 in 1997 had been quite an exciting game and was quite popular among the masses in those days. While the entire world is celebrating April Fool’s day, The iconic game of snake is back again in the 2000s appearing in Google Maps. This game was the primary source of entertainment for the masses back in those days when the world had not seen the advent of smartphones and did not have proper connectivity of the internet.

As part of April Fool’s Day celebrations efforts, Google has decided to bring back the iconic game to the masses which is a treat for those who had been a fan of this game. The iconic game of snakes is available to the masses on both iOS and Android versions of the Google Maps app. The users of Google map can quickly get their access to play the game by just touching the side navigation bar on the left side of the search bar in Google maps and then tapping on the option of ‘play snake.’

However, Google had made quite a few variations in the game. This time there is no actual snake in the game as it used to be back in those days on the Nokia 6110 handset. Instead of a real snake, the player now needs to play as a public transport vehicle such as a Tokyo bullet train, London double Decker bus or even as San Francisco cable car. The player in the form of a public transport vehicle needs to pick up passengers on an 8-bit map from their respective cities. The game provides an option of six cities for the players to choose from that includes Sao Paulo, Cairo, Sydney, London, San Francisco, World or Tokyo.