According to a new study, Facebook directs advertising to audiences in different ways which are promoting racial and gender discrimination. Facebook’s algorithm that matches with the marketing messages with viewers depends on the stereotypes when it comes to jobs and housing. University of South California, Northeastern University and advocacy group upturn researchers have done a study on the Facebook advertisement algorithms, and it showed that the Facebook is leaning on racial and gender discrimination while promoting some of the ads mostly related to job and housing sector.

Joe Osborne, the spokesperson from Facebook, has said that they have to take more precautions with the advertisements on their platform and they will surely consider these studies in their ongoing discussions about changing the ad system.

He further added that they are observing their advertisement system closely and they engaged the best academics, civil experts and industry leaders to look into the issue. Facebook is now exploring so many changes that can be made with the advertisements.

The researchers have found that most of the lumber job postings are shown to the white people whereas the secretary posts are shown to the black women. It is true even though the lumber job posts have black people in it and secretary job posts have white people in it. The study has also revealed that the “homes for sale” ads from North Carolina go to the white people whereas the rental ads reached black ones.

Facebook usually do not have the race data, but it has been inferred by linking the general audience details with their voter registration data. The same happened with gender too. Trump Administration has sued Facebook for targeted advertising using race and gender. Facebook has removed some of the targeted audience posts, but there are so many presents on the platform still now.