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Take & Talk BD Shop Address & Contact Number

Take & Talk BD is a shop in Bangladesh where you can buy mobile phones and things that go with them, like chargers and cases. You can find them in big shopping places in Dhaka, like Basundhara City and Jamuna Future Park.

Take & Talk BD Shop Address & Contact Number

Location Showroom Open/Close Times Contact Numbers
Basundhara City, Dhaka Take & Talk BD OPEN 11:00 AM To  9:00 PM, CLOSE Thursday 01979-131288, 01842-131288, 01975-131288
Jamuna Future Park, Dhaka Take & Talk BD OPEN 11:00 AM To  8:00 PM, CLOSE Wednesday  01973-461182, 01950-035934

What Can You Buy?

At Take & Talk BD, you can find lots of different phones. If you need a simple phone that’s not too expensive or the newest kind with lots of features, they have them all.

Helping Customers

The people who work at Take & Talk BD are friendly and know a lot about phones. They help you choose the right phone for you and answer your questions. If you need help with your phone after you buy it, they can help with that too.

Easy to Visit

The shops are in places where lots of people go shopping, so they’re easy to get to. They made their shops nice and easy for people to look around. The shops are usually open from the morning until the evening, but they are closed on certain days.

Talking to Them

If you want to ask something or need help, Take & Talk BD has phone numbers for each shop. You can call them and they’ll help you out.

Good Quality

Take & Talk BD promises to sell real phones that come from the real companies that make them. They know that people want to buy things that are real and good quality.

To Wrap Up

Take & Talk BD is a good place to go if you want to buy a phone. They have lots of choices, they help you when you shop and even after you buy, and they make sure their phones are real and good. It’s a place where many people like to go when they need a new phone.


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