iPad Pro and iPad Air May Release on Early March

Apple is reportedly planning notable changes to its iPad lineup next year, aiming to simplify the range for customers and boost declining sales.

New versions of iPad Pro and iPad Air could be released as early as March.

In 2023, Apple did not introduce any new iPad models, leading to a 3% drop in sales from fiscal 2022 to fiscal 2023, following an 8% decline the previous year.

The fourth quarter of Apple’s fiscal year saw a 10% year-over-year decrease in iPad revenue, with the company anticipating double-digit declines in both its iPad and Mac segments.

The current iPad lineup includes two sizes of the iPad Pro, the iPad Air, the 10th and 9th generation iPads, and the iPad Mini.

The variety of accessories, such as keyboards, Apple Pencils, and chargers, differ depending on the model, making the selection process more complex than for other Apple products.

Apple’s strategy involves establishing the iPad Pro as the premium model, positioning the Air in the middle tier, and introducing the 11th-generation iPad as the entry-level option.

The upcoming iPad Pro models are expected to feature enhancements like a better screen, the M3 chip, a new design, and a new Magic Keyboard attachment exclusive to the Pro line.

The new iPad Air is rumored to have two screen sizes and an M2 chip. Additionally, Apple plans to update the iPad Mini and release the 11th generation iPad, which will allow the company to phase out the 9th generation model that still includes a home button.

The timeline for these releases was not specified in the Bloomberg report. Apple has not yet responded to requests for comment on these plans.

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