Why You Should Not Buy Foldable Phones in 2023

Foldable phones are the talk of the town, and it’s easy to see why, they look cool, and they’re a fresh take on the smartphone design we’ve been used to for years.

But before you rush out to get one, there are a few things you should consider. Here’s the direct answer: As of now, foldable phones might not be the best purchase due to their high cost, durability concerns, and other limitations.

They’re Not Dust Resistant

One of the biggest issues with foldable phones is that they’re not great at keeping out dust and debris. If you’re someone who spends a lot of time outdoors or in dusty environments, this could be a deal-breaker. Even the pocket lint could pose a problem for these devices.

Flimsy Displays

The screens on foldable phones have to be flexible, which means they’re made from materials that can bend. Unfortunately, this also means they can be more prone to damage.

You’ll often find these phones come with a screen protector that you’re not supposed to remove, indicating their delicate nature.

Repair Troubles

If your foldable phone does get damaged, getting it repaired can be a hassle and potentially expensive. Not all local repair shops can handle the specialized needs of a foldable phone, and manufacturer repair programs can vary in quality and cost.

Camera Quality

Despite their high price tags, foldable phones don’t always come with the best cameras. You might find that cheaper, non-folding phones have better camera setups, which can be disappointing if you’re paying premium prices.

Battery Life

You’d think that a bigger phone means a bigger battery, but that’s not always the case with foldables. They often have smaller batteries than their non-folding counterparts, which can mean less time between charges.

Outdated Processors

Foldable phones tend to hit the market with processors that are already a bit behind the latest technology. This means your expensive, cutting-edge phone might not be as fast or as future-proof as you’d like.

Software Optimization

The software on foldable phones can be hit or miss. The idea of multitasking on a larger screen is great, but if the apps you use aren’t optimized for that experience, it can be frustrating.

You’re a Beta Tester

Buying a foldable phone now is a bit like being a product tester. The technology is still new, and companies are learning from the issues that early adopters run into. If you’re not keen on being part of that process, you might want to wait.

The Price

Foldable phones are expensive—sometimes twice as much as non-folding phones. Considering the compromises you have to make, you might find that the cost isn’t justified.

Limited Options

In the U.S., your choices for foldable phones are pretty limited. If you’re looking for variety, you won’t find it here as much as you would in other parts of the world.


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