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Plum Mobile is a company that might not be as famous as some big names, but they have their own special story. They started in 2010, and their big idea was to make phones that are tough and can last through drops and splashes. They make phones that are meant to be used in places where a fancy phone might get broken too easily. Plum phones are built to be strong, and they’re also not too expensive, which is great for people who need to watch their money but still want a good phone. They also make regular smartphones that are simple to use. Plum isn’t trying to be the biggest phone company out there; they just want to make sure that if you need a phone that can handle a busy, bumpy life, they’ve got something for you. They’re still working on this idea, making phones for people who need them to be as ready for adventure as they are.

  • Palm Phone PVG100

    • Released: November 2018
    • OS: Android 8.1 (Oreo)
    • Display: 3.3 Inches
    • Camera: 12 MP (Rear) & 8 MP (Front)
    • RAM: 3 GB
    • Storage: 32 GB
    • Battery: 800 mAh

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