There is now a reason for all the Instagram users to rejoice. The Facebook-owned social media platform Instagram that has gained an immense level of popularity over the last few months shall soon introduce a new feature that will allow the Instagram users to rewind and fast forward through the videos getting uploaded in Instagram. The rewind and fast forward feature are one of the basic multimedia features that all videos tend to possess. And Instagram will soon be added to the list.

A lucky user shall be selected by the team of Instagram to test out the feature of the rewind and fast forward feature of Instagram videos. All one needs to do is press down on an Instagram video and then slide their finger to the right or left. After carrying out these minimal steps, a seek bar shall appear embedded at the top of the video that is being tested that will be required to be completed with a pop-up time code.

Developer Jane Manchun Wong has been credited with uncovering the latest new trial feature of Instagram. Wong has gained quite a lot of popularity for discovering new features that are being tested in many popular apps. Jane Manchun Wong has recently provided a statement on the testing of an array of other new Instagram features that are undergoing a test by the company. These new arrays of features in Instagram being tested includes public collections, video co-watching and even the development of a grace period that allows a user to revert back to an old Instagram username that has previously been used.

The ability to rewind and fast forward through a video that is pretty much found on all other online platforms that host videos, had been absent on Instagram. However, such an effort is not a new one. Similar attempts had been made in 2017 as well but could not be completed due to certain unforeseen circumstances.