oneplus car

The tech companies are no wonder trying to make the April Fools’ Day special for their customers and people around the world. For instance, OnePlus has pranked to launch a Warp Car; Google introduced snakes on the Google Maps app which is indeed fun to play. All the tech companies somehow also managed to convince the people about its latest release. Here is how the companies are teasing the individuals:

OnePlus Warp Car:

OnePlus has raised the level of pranking people. It says that it has built a super electric car that has been printed using SLS 3D and ABS 3D printing. It also claims that it is make thinking about the future that it will have no steering wheels and the whole control system is on the phone. On charging area, it can be operated for a day just in 20 minutes charge. It also has a selfie camera wherein it will click pictures of the person when the person looks good, and the rear-facing camera can take photos of a dial and a bit of dashboard. It also recommends that the car is not meant for people who are 5ft and 8 inches tall and for those who are 5ft and 6 inches either of them will get stuck and feel short for pedal respectively.

Google Tulip:

The google Netherlands team is obsessed with Tulips for the April Fools Day prank. The team is busy teasing people “Talk to Tulip Translator.” It claims that the new translator can distinguish between the languages like that of humans and Tulipish. They assert that the Tulip can understand their language; they have a specialized AI for it. However, people still prefer the self-driven bicycle prank of 2016 was funnier.

Gboard spoon bending edition:

The Google Japan team has introduced a version of Japanese input for Gboard app ad it is known as the Spoon turning version. It claims that Google is replacing the older keyboard version with the new spoon version and the chipset is inside it.