Chelsea Manning

Chelsea Manning is very lucky to walk free today after spending almost two months in Virginia’s Alexandria Detention Center. This happened after she refused to cooperate with a grand jury who alleged she had a relationship with WikiLeaks. It was first reported by Gizmodo that Manning was able to walk out free from the facility on 9th May.

Manning was charged as her action was in contempt of court and she was punished to stay in custody till the grand jury of Eastern District of Virginia expired. But this doesn’t mean, Chelsea is free of her charge. She has a tough road ahead; she received another subpoena. She has issued this subpoena just before the release and have to appear in front of another grand jury on Thursday, 16th May.

Now her legal team has given some insight on how they will tackle the situation on a blog post. They decided that Chelsea will continue to not cooperate with the grand jury and they will use every legal defense from the constitution to prove to Trenga (District Judge) that she has some big cause behind her refusal to give her testimony.

It looks like this has signaled that Manning consistently and unwillingness to help the federal grand jury. This could mean, she might return to the custody at the Virginia Detention center after Thursday.  In a press release, she said she didn’t have anything to contribute to the ongoing investigation or any other grand jury. This resonates what Manning said last month, that she surely miss home but she has no problem in being held up in jail and all the legal consequences that follow. She will not give up in any case.