Google Duplex

It has been spotted that Google Duplex was working on a Samsung Galaxy S10+ just a day ago. Google has confirmed that most of the Android Phones will be getting this feature as well. On top of that Google is rolling out this feature to the iPhones too.

The rollout of Google Duplex has already begun, but it will take a while to reach out to all the compatible devices. For those who are unaware of this feature, Google Duplex can be used to make calls for any kind of appointment bookings and hotel reservations on behalf of users in the US. This feature can be accessed via Google assistant.

A spokesperson from Google has spoken to the Verge confirming that they have already started rolling out the Duplex feature along with the Google Assistant app to all iPhone models from this week. As of now, this series works only in US region. Google is rolling out the Duplex feature to all the android mobiles which have Android version 5 or above.

If you are an iPhone user from the US, install the Google Assistant app from the App Store to use the Duplex feature. Google is following a staged rollout procedure so you may not find the feature right away.

Google hasn’t announced the release date of this feature in India yet. Google CEO Sundar Pichai has unveiled this feature in I/O 2018. By the end of 2018, the feature was available on all Pixel models, and now the company is aiming to extend it to a broader audience. The one thing that needs a special mention here is providing this feature for iPhone users too. In Samsung Galaxy 10, Google Duplex was able to call and get a reservation in less than six minutes.