Pressure-Sensitive Keyboard Launched

Back in October of a year ago, Cooler Master took to Kickstarter to crowdfund a 24-key control pad with in-built Aimpad support for perfection control. Presently, it propelled a whole gaming keyboard with pressure-sensitive keys.

Cooler Master’s new MK850 is an analog plank that utilizes Cherry MX key switches fit for detecting the whole 4mm scope of a keypress. The normal customary switches are unable to do this as these switches basically register a press at the initiation point.

Lance Madsen, the Aimpad principal engineer, said that the MK850 is the world’s first mechanical console, utilizing Cherry MX switches, fit for detecting precisely how far down the switch is pressed; it is capable of giving unparallel gaming control in even the most requesting PC games.

Aviation joysticks, steering wheels, game controllers and etc all have this Aimpad innovation as by executing pressure-sensitive contribution to a keyboard, gamers can have all the more defined authority over its motion.

Cooler Master states that, during driving games, Aimpad can be utilized to make smooth movements on the fly or simply implement some delicate bends by changing the division of the keypress.

The MK850 highlights an additional feature apart from the pressure-sensitive keys, i.e. brushed aluminum deck with keys that seem to drift on top, as we have seen in different models. There is a column of macro keys on the left, and two “precision wheels” to alter things like volume RGB light, dpi, etc. It also contains a magnetic wrist rest.

This fascinating keyboard is quite costly, and it is available on Amazon, Best Buy, and Newegg for around $199.99 (€199.99). The thing is worth testing and thus is expected to provide a separate place among all the mechanical keyboards on PC, keeping it as a fascinating side of a project.