Here is a warning to Thunderclap users, do not plug in any device or charger, which you are not sure about. If you do not know the source of the USB cable or charger, then it is best to avoid it on your PC or laptop.

A team of security analysts and researchers working on the project have found a flaw on the Thunderclap devices. Users, who are using them, need to beware of using the PCs and laptops that come with it.

Theo Markettos, one of the researchers, explains that it is able to make use of the direct-memory-access (DMA). Once it has hold of it, the target device can be gained access without much of a hassle.

Hence, proper security protection is required to ensure that hackers and other imposters cannot easily access the PC or laptop. They cannot track files, steal data, and put up a code that is dangerous.

The main issue with the flaw is that the kind of external attack that prevails is a cause of concern. Being able to plug a malware onto the PC is generally harder than hacking into a PC through online ways.

The team found out the flaw in 2016 and have informed manufacturers who are taking serious security decisions about it. Apple, for example, has already come up with a powerful solution to curb it.

Users will be surprised to know that it is not the usual mode of attack. That is because hackers can come up with USB cables that are affected already. The moment it is plugged into the PC or laptop, the damage begins.

Hence, users must be cautious about plugging in devices on to their PC or laptop, which they are not sure about or unknown chargers too. Though Thunderclap has not affected your PC or laptop, you can be assured that using high-security measures might not be enough to ward it off any sooner as of now.